The Missing Structure

Our unique integrated wealth management process simplifies the complex, provides our clients with a clear vision and enables them to take control of their future. Click on the link on the left to find out more.


Welcome to The Wissenbach Group

Expert effective holistic financial wealth management advice can make the difference between a prosperous future and the disappointment of unrealised potential.

At The Wissenbach Group we take a unique approach to strategic planning; making the big decisions easy for clients.  Big decisions are only difficult because of perceived complexity. We eliminate the complexity, provide you with clarity and the decision making becomes easy!

We apply uncommon common sense and, having provided strategic advice and guidance to clients since 1990, create really effective holistic financial strategies through wealth management techniques that empower our clients to create and enjoy better futures.

However, effective financial strategy planning is meaningless unless you understand your own ambitions. So we passionately believe that everyone should know the amount of accumulated wealth required for them to be financially independent and enjoying their desired lifestyle. We call this the Magic Number®.

We work with high net worth individuals and typically our clients are:

  • 1Owner-managers and entrepreneurs
  • 2Highly paid professionals (for example chief executives of major corporations and partners in professional services firms)
  • 3Those in the position where they can choose whether they work or not

In simple terms, our approach means that our clients efficiently and consciously make the transition to category 3 – and stay there.

Our mission is “to consistently deliver remarkable service and value, which both delights and inspires those who deal with us”.

Our confidence in our ability to deliver this objective is underpinned by our guarantee - an unconditional commitment to refund up to the last 12 months of clients’ fees should they ever feel less than delighted.

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